About Us

Learnam seeks to demystify online learning and make it easier for everyone to benefit from online learning technologies. At Learnam, we believe that those salient talents, knowledge, attitudes, and skills embedded in our human experience and not usually captured in formal education systems, can also be transmitted through dedicated online services. Many of these are not part of formal programmes in institutions but are vital and essential components of individual and community development. Learnam provides a platform where everyone can teach whatever they know, and everyone can learn whatever they want to, as they seek to improve themselves and their communities.

Our Vision

Vision Learnam

The vision of Learnam is to leverage online learning into a tool for the transmission of informal knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are part of a community’s identity, interactions, and value systems.


Our Mission

Learnam's Mission

Our mission is to make online education available to everyone who has something valuable to teach or learn irrespective of their level of education, background, gender, social status, or age.

People First

We derive satisfaction from seeing people getting educated in an easy and accessible channel

Our Leadhership

Meet Our Team

Dr. Maboh Michel

Founder & CEO

Teghen Clovis


Tajoah Plecton


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